Thursday, June 6, 2013

More possibilities for making a living

For those of you who follow along with my blog, you know it has been a time of major discernment. Something about moving and being a in a different place, gives a chance to reflect and see things from a different perspective. Having Leo at home to bounce ideas around helps.

 Leo started teaching iconography classes, and my business has been steadily growing. Still, it's not enough to pay rent (which we are fortunate to take a break from for now). I've gone through all sorts of ideas, but they are all sort of long-term, things you have to build up in order to have success. Writing, sewing, etc.

 It just so happens that a friend invited me to meet up with some other friends. I saw an old friend I had not seen since Susi's soccer practice ended. Through casual conversation, I found out that she was an in-home day care provider. Through talking with her, I realized that day-care providers have the same training as foster parents and get paid a lot more without all the extra stress and drama of foster care. I'm not sure how it is in other states, but here in CA, daycare providers get paid a lot. As in, if I did it full time I could afford to pay not just rent on a house here, but could also possibly keep our house from foreclosure (where it's heading right now, because the short sell just is not working, especially in a market that is really heating up), and pay the mortgage in between renting it out to people. Oh, and have extra money on the side, more than enough to pay the bills.

I've already been teaching Montessori for 2 years and even started a successful co-op. I could charge more for a Montessori daycare, especially if it was bilingual. The requirements for starting a day care are not difficult, in fact they are the same for foster parenting, which I have already done. So it's something I am definitely considering and will probably begin training for soon. It's a good way to provide playmates for Susi and be able to continue educating her through the Montessori method, which I just love.

In the long-term, I'm thinking of also beginning to sell fabric online. I'm not completely giving up my sewing, because I love it so much, but selling fabric has a lot more room for growth as a business than sewing does, and it takes up less time. As it grows, I would love to be able to hire people to do most of the work for me. The American dream :).


Marissa said...

Wow!! That is exciting news Yay!!!
I know you will make a good day care provider... how fun to play and teach kids.. that is just right up your alley!!!!
I am so, so happy for you!!!! I hope you consider it.
as for your fabric .. that is an excellent idea..hugs)) Marissa.

Allison said...

Yes, in home daycare is a great idea! Steve and I have discussed it as a possibility should he loose his job or something. I think that it would be a great idea for you to do something like that especially if you cater to a Montessori and bilingual mindset.

For sure keep me posted if you do sell fabric, I can never have enough! ;)

Maria De Bruyn said...

I am definitely considering it, especially because I get to do all the things I do anyways and get paid for it.

Definitely look into it and see what in-home providers are paid in your area. I'll definitely let you know when I start up my fabric business. I'm going to be doing a 14 week business course this fall, and I'll be using what I learn to start selling fabric. I'll also be on the lookout for bloggers to make things with my fabric and also have some giveaways as well.

Maria said...

I love the idea for what it is, but I also love it because it has the potential to be a ministry and gift to children and their families. And it seems to go along with your larger vocation as a woman. I know you would have liked more children - but if you had a houseful of kids, as wonderful as that may have been, you wouldn't be able to open your home to other children who maybe need what you have to offer. I'm all in favor of homeschooling and large families, but I think we sometimes forget that there are lots of kids out there who don't have the option of homeschooling, or are maybe only children, or parents who both work full-time, or are from single-parent homes. It would be such a blessing to them to give them a happy, healthy place to grow for a year or so.

Maria De Bruyn said...

That is something my friend said. Many of her clients come from broken homes and have not experienced having a father and mother together interacting in a loving way. Sometimes being in an in-home daycare is better than their original home. Sometimes both parents have to work and it is good for them to at least be in a home,versus a center. Definitely something I would not have been able to provide for if I had a large family.